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Greg Stroot Headshot
Greg Stroot
Hi Everyone, My name is Greg Stroot and I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. I first joined Habitat last year and was first introduced through it from my cousin, who runs the chapter at Western Kentucky University. Outside of Habitat, I enjoy hiking, biking, flow arts, math, and pretty much anything outside
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Samantha Schodde
Victoria Di Franco Headshot
Victoria Di Franco
Daniel Vogwill Headshot
Daniel Vogwill
Reina Revina Headshot
Reina Revina
Hello guys! My name is Reina and i'm one of the concession chair for this year. I'm a sophomore studying global studies and french. I'm from Urbana and i've been involved with habitat since high school so it's a been awhile. if you have any questions about concessions, just let me know!
Carissa Mysliwiec Headshot
Carissa Mysliwiec

What Does This Committee Do?

Fundraising is one of the most fundamental aspects of Habitat for Humanity.  In order to build a home, there must be financial means of doing so. The average house in Champaign County costs approximately $65,000 to build. Our goal is to raise that amount over the course of two years in order to fund a home-build every other year. It is the role of fundraising directors to create and organize fundraising events throughout the semester in order to meet the obligations of the present house and plan for a future one. Fundraising will run about 5-8 events per semester.
Fundraising directors work closely together and are in charge of all internal fundraising events for Habitat for Humanity. Responsibilities include planning and making preparations for events such as canning, Assembly Hall, Bergner's Community Day Sale, and other events.
We are always looking for new fundraising opportunities. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in planning for events, please email or see either fundraising director during office hours.


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We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our committees and our events. If you have any suggestions, please use the form below to submit them to us. Thank you!

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